My name is Emerson Carrick. I enrolled in the discipleship program of the Madera Rescue Mission on August 17,2008. This decision was the result of an addiction and mental state that took hold of my life following the loss of my father. Having taken care of him for more than a year, he suffered a massive heart attack. My attempts to save his life with CPR failed and he was pronounced dead on December 16, 2007. I began drinking more heavily and using whatever I could get my hands on. And my mental health declined rapidly. I had had numerous run – ins with police and no luck finding employment while renting a room in Madera.

That’s when I learned about the Madera Rescue Mission and the discipleship program. After being in the program for about six weeks, my mother came to visit me and at the conclusion of that visit she had tears in her eyes saying, “I thought I had lost you.” I had been reborn and given a second chance through my Lord Jesus Christ. I am now the House Manager at the facility, and with Gods favor hope to continue to serve the least the last and the lost.

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