How can you HELP a Hurting Person and the Mission?

 The longstanding debate as to whether you should give panhandlers money can be answered very simply, if God spoke to you specifically to do so, then give away! – However in most instances we suggest you refrain from giving money because there are many more effective ways to meet needs as seen below:

Pack and have Care Kits available. – What’s a Care Kit? - I’m glad you asked. They are watertight gallon-sized zip lock bags filled with the following: 1. Water Bottle 2. Socks 3.Granola or fruit-snack roll-up 4. Crackers with peanut butter or cheese 5. Hand Wipes 6. Pack of Kleenex 7. Pads for women 8. Toothbrush & paste 9. Band Aids 10. Chapstick 11. Comb/brush

FREE Mission Voucher - Print meal voucher coupons (PDF). 


* Please note to pack food separately from soap/cleaning products.

* Avoid alcohol based mouthwash and hand sanitizer.

* Care kits summer = sunblock Care kits winter = heat-packs 

When giving the Care Kit away don’t be in a hurry. Smile and make eye contact because they've likely been ignored all day, and by taking the time to do these things you show them they matter.

“You guys always seem to show up just as I’m thinkin, where’m I gonna sleep tonight.” (Anonymous Homeless man)

Also feel free to donate clothing, food, and or money to the mission, which will be used to feed and house the homeless here in Madera.  The best time to bring in donations is between 11am and 4pm, when the disciples are around to help out, or there is a donation drop box for clothing a bedding located inside our gate on Elm Street.