Hi my name is Greg Belmontez and I have not always been a Christian. Most of my life I struggled with drugs and alcohol. Born in Fresno Ca. I spent my days following my own path. My life became unmanageable. I had lost everything, was homeless and alone. I had given up, complacent to live as I had been; drinking heavily to numb myself. Depression was kicking in. Mentally and physically unhealthy, I was losing myself. I knew I had to change, something had to be done. Thank you Jesus for saving my life.


The Lord directed me to a detoxification facility in Fresno, where I spent five days weaning the alcohol from my system. In those five days I ask God for help. My prayer was answered. My Lord Jesus Christ connected me to the Madera Rescue Mission September8, 2008 and I graduated the program September 2009. After graduating I volunteered for two years and during that time I learned to live sober and most important I built a relationship with my savior Jesus Christ. Then God blessed me with a good job and a Godly wife. Four years later by the grace of God I now work for the Madera Rescue Mission as the Deputy Director of the Men's Program.

You can reach Greg at gbelmontez@maderarescue.org