My name is Michael Armendarez, I am one of the House Managers at the Madera Rescue Mission.  In 2010 is when I realized the bondage of drug addiction in my life.  I also was facing the effects of the destructive and damaging choices I had made in life which hurt myself, but more importantly, the people I was supposed to have loved the most.  At this point God turned my life upside down, there was no more denying or hiding my sin or the person I had become.  I was truly sorry for my sins, (2 Corinthians 7:10) this is where I met Jesus!  The love of my Savior, despite the wretch I was, changed my life (Romans 5:8).

I knew I was called to the MRM ministry by the way the opportunity came to me.  Also by the conflict within me to accept the position which took me out of my comfort zone, but it is true that God really does use the foolish and weak things of this world.  Working with this ministry has been such a blessing in disguise, it is growing and stretching me. It is a privilege and blessing to work here at the Mission and share the love of God with those I serve.