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1. Can you talk about the Rescue Missions role within the Madera Community?
We feel the Madera Rescue Mission provides a vital service to those men, women and children that find themselves without a home for many reasons. The Mission provides food, a hot shower, a clean bed and many other services. Clothes, shoes, socks, hygiene products. The main thing we provide is HOPE for them. Through Biblical principles and sharing the Gospel (Good News) of a loving God through Jesus Christ. There is no other Rescue Mission in Madera. We are working at providing more than just a hand out but also a hand up. Working with many other agencies here in Madera we can make a big difference and impact on our homeless population. The Mission has been here since 1987 and we are not going anywhere soon, our Mission will always be available for those in need. Look up our website for more information.: , or our Facebook page.

2. What events, plans etc does the Rescue Mission have coming up?

Because of Covid – 19 last year a few of our large public events were canceled. Like our Banquet in October, Thanksgiving dinner in November, Christmas Toy Giveaway in December.
So we are hoping we get back to providing these events for the public and our donors this year.
We are looking at our 5k run right now and see how we can have it where it is safe for the runners and all those that would attend. (In the works) By not having these events it has impacted our bottom line.
So we are looking at other ways to generate funds to run the Mission. It has not been easy. But we do have regular faithful monthly donors that have not given up on us. And we say a great thank you to them.

3. What does it mean for the Rescue Mission to be an example within the community?

Well it is very important to us to be a good neighbor and contributor to our community.
We give back by helping Habitat for Humanity on acts of kindness work to help those in need.

When community members look to the Mission for guidance/support, how does that make you feel knowing how much you can help?

It makes our hard work , patience, working with people and agencies very blessed. We don't do this for money, we do this because we have a calling on our lives to help others. Many of us have been through what the people that come to us are going through. And we have found the way out.

4. How many people are employed at the rescue mission?

We have 7 full time and 2 part time employees.

5. Are volunteers a part of the rescue mission and if so, why?

Yes we have volunteers. They play an important role in Teaching, Sharing in our Chapel, mentoring the men and women going through the 12 month program and our overnight guest.

6. As the new director, what's something new you want to bring to the organization?

I have worked 25 years in the Corporate world and have been a General Contractor business owner for almost 20 years.
So I like to teach people how to get organized, build things, and get things done. I like working with other agencies to see things get done. For people who need help and the issues of our community.

7. Anything you'd like to add the article?

We here at the Madera Rescue Misson are always looking at serving our guest, disciples, and the community the best way we can. We have some faithful donors that give each month. With out them it would be difficult to provide all the services we have. I would like to extend to our businesses and ranchers to join us in reaching and helping the people in our community to reduce homelessness in our city. With their help and the community of Madera we can make a big difference. We want to see families, children freely and safely use our parks and provide a safe city for all. I see great potential for Madera to be a place where visitors can say , you know Madera is a nice place . We Maderians know our city and want the best for all.

Help us to keep reaching the people in need by donating to the Madera Rescue Mission.
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1305 Clinton , Madera, Ca. 93638 Phone number 559-675-8321
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Thank you.